Grinding it out...

My Software Engineering Book List

Knowledge is the foundation of everything, and for the technology professional, it's your lifeblood. Given the creativity afforded our craft and the pace at which things change, learning is fundamental to staying in the field over a period of years. While many celebrate their own ability to "invent" that which has already been worked out, I tend toward allowing other smart people to advance my thinking and ability to deliver.

Below, I've outlined the books and posts which made the biggest impact on my own thinking. That's not to say that I'm in complete agreement with all the material listed here. For good or bad, this is the material that shaped my thinking. Consequently, quite a bit of this "thinking" has found its way into how I've shaped feature[23].

I share this list because I often reference subjects, people or thought processes which can be found here. It's my hope that the list allows others to connect with material that I've found vital to my success as a professional. And, a small part of me would love to create a longer running conversation around what material should be on this list as things change moving forward.

Regardless, happy reading!